As part of a broader adventure travel and show programming effort, we made contact with Tahiti Tourism and the Aranui5, a cargo-passenger ship based in Tahiti that travels to the Marquesas Islands.  As an extension of our overall content partnership, the Aranui5 requested a promo reel to advertise their passenger offering to the travel industry, agents and consumers. Our mutually agreed upon approach was to pursue a fresh perspective and take a largely unscripted editorial/documentary approach to the production.

The production involved living aboard the ship for nearly two weeks and extensively exploring and documenting the islands of the Tuamotus, Marquesas and Bora Bora. The shoots called for capturing lots of aerial and underwater footage, and extensive hikes and cultural interactions. The setting and living arrangements required careful gear, battery and media management each day. We ultimately wove together the story with a powerful narrative about the creation of the Marquesas which we learned about on the trip through our research and local interactions.

The feature was provided to Aranui Cruises for their use at trade shows, web-site and social media. It is also being distributed by Tahiti Tourism.