Our assignment for Maine Public Lands was to create a video that educates the public about what Maine’s Public Lands are, how they’re managed and why. We created a comprehensive long-form documentary and a series of short-form content pieces on specific topics including MPL locations, timber management, wildlife, recreation, and land conservation. Each feature showed the passion and dedication of MPL staff and the factors that have to be considered and balanced to make sound decisions on how land is used and managed.

Our production approach was cinematic documentary-style, capturing all spectrums of the environment and the employees in unscripted settings. Our comprehensive and authentic approach meant shooting in all four seasons, going on long hikes and land surveys with foresters, being embedded with logging crews, engaging in outdoor recreational activities and camping overnight in remote locations. We shot extensive time-lapses and with drones to reveal the magnitude and beauty of Maine’s vast forests, pristine lakes and bold coastlines, often in challenging weather conditions and in all hours of the day/night.

We provided MPL with an on-line portfolio of downloadable videos and photos ready for digital distribution. The effort, led by MPL, included a press campaign (including a statement from Maine’s Governor Janet Mills), emails and distribution through social media.