In our role as the Producer of World of Adventure on Outside TV, we seek out stories and programming concepts that fit the show’s mission of documenting unique and inspiring athletes, events and destinations around the world. In this capacity, we tapped our connections within the climbing world and also our knowledge of the Maine coast to identify a climbing route that remained under the radar, but had the degree of difficulty, mystique and setting to capture the interest and imagination of the climbing community and the broader outdoor enthusiast audience.

We obtained the necessary approvals and permits and then watched the weather forecast closely in coordination with the climber’s that we were working with. Upon the green light we made the trip and were able to access the location fairly easily. We established camera positions below, from across the way and via a rappel location at the top. We flew a drone for an additional perspective which was critical to establish the cliff face’s proximity to the ocean.

The feature was distributed via World of Adventure on Outside TV.  The viewership metrics were among the highest of the show’s season across digital channels.