The SOS Triathlon turned to 360MV to tell their story as part of a broad strategy to build awareness for the event, develop its sponsor value and prestige within the triathlon community. We produced a 1-hour show for the NBC Sports Network and numerous features that are distributed on multiple social and digital platforms.

The SOS Triathlon is a longstanding, family-run event, and developing the right tone and story were crucial to the show’s success.  Finding the storyline and true essence of the race itself required getting to know the organizers, participants and town of New Paltz, New York.  Multiple meetings and site visits allowed us the opportunity to understand and frame the backstory, narrative, and treatment. The race production itself called for a highly mobile plan involving precise timing of movement and camera repositioning. We documented the race on the trails, in the water, and from the air, moving from location to location by motorcycle, mountain bike and on foot.

The 1 hour show was broadcast on NBC Sports, alongside the Ironman and Tour de France.  In addition to the television broadcast, we were able to make numerous trailers and cut downs for digital distribution across SOS channels. One of our SOS Triathlon feature stories, “The Next Step” was further distributed by the film festival circuit and OutsideTV.