In our role as Executive Producer of World of Adventure, we sift through hundreds of potential story ideas annually. One that emerged through our filters as an original content piece for 2019 was a story on North Shore surfing legend Kala Alexander’s newfound passion for deep-sea fishing in Oahu, along with the “Ahi-Assassins”. We saw the story as a unique chance for the viewer to go along for the hunt in a truly immersive way, while showcase Hawaii and its culture in a very authentic way.

Like many of our productions, the biggest challenge was mother nature. The day we set out, the winds were howling and the sea had 8-10 foot swells at its roughest points. While some of our capture plans had to be curtailed, we did manage to utilize drone and stabilized 4K cameras to capture the day. To punctuate the story we recorded extensive audio which was heavily utilized in the fast paced edit.

The feature was distributed on World of Adventure, OutsideTV and shared by Kala Alexander and achieved significant digital viewership.