As part of its mission to promote Maine’s outdoor industry economy, Maine Outdoor Brands (MOB) wished to share some stories on how their member brands were handling the covid-19 pandemic and turned to 360MV to produce a collection of digital content. Working with MOB, we identified a select group of companies that represented diverse business offerings and locations throughout the State. Our content strategy included generating an overall feature story, short brand-specific stories, theme-specific stories and trailers and promo pieces.

The production required shooting interviews and scenes from each industry and location which included rock climbing, boating and camping, requiring shooting from rigged positions and utilizing drones among other cameras and techniques.

“Making it in Maine | Resilience Through the Pandemic” follows our previously produced MOB feature, “Making it in Maine | A Tradition of Craft and Innovation.” The features were released via MOB’s digital channels, brand channels, and promoted on social media and email campaigns. The feature received tens of thousands of views and accolades from Maine’s outdoor industry.