Shortly after launching 360MV, we recognized a marketplace need for mainstream television distribution in the adventure sports sector. By aggregating a number of events and leading outdoor brands together, and following our vision for a compelling show format, we sought to fill that void. We partnered with NBC Sports Ventures and launched World of Adventure Sports in 2004, a groundbreaking network television series that would go on to win an Emmy award and earn multiple nominations, including for “best sports anthology series”. As viewership habits changed, World of Adventure adapted, and changed its distribution to cable and digital/social media. In 2014, 360MV sold the property to Powdr Corp. where it continues to evolve as a cutting edge digital platform.

World of Adventure has brought us all over the world and generated a lifetime of epic adventures. We’ve shot on virtually every continent and covered almost every imaginable adventure sport. The production requirements have firmly shaped our style and capabilities and served as inspiration for all work we do.

Initially, WOA aired exclusively on NBC Sports, garnering large weekend television audiences. As the media landscape evolved, the show migrated to cable where it found a regular spot on NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus), Universal Sports and UniversalHD. More recently the show struck distribution agreements with Outside Television and Adventure Sports Network and has developed comprehensive digital channels that feature weekly edits.